The GQMC shall have the following specific powers and functions:

    (a) Serve as the steering and policy-making body for the GQMP;
    (b) Approve the standards, guidelines and institutional mechanisms to implement the program;
    (c) Coordinate with Leagues and LGUs in the formulation of standards and mechanisms to be adopted by the latter to ensure GQMS certification at the local level;
    (d) Coordinate with specific departments and agencies to attend to, or address constraints in the implementation of relevant Program activities;
    (e) Formulate necessary mechanisms to sustain the implementation of ISO-QMS among public sector organizations, including measures to fund the effort, as well as recognition/incentive schemes for Program participants;
    (f) Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the GQMP and, when necessary, effect appropriate adjustments thereon in the light of changing conditions in both the domestic and international environments; and
    (g) Submit progress reports to the President.


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